We don’t just work with anyone

We would love to work with everyone that requests our expertise but we know that our services aren’t for everyone. We select the clients we work with very carefully as we like to make sure they are a good fit. In order to ensure our clients campaigns are successful we only work with a limited number of clients at one time., We like to dedicate as much time as possible to our clients to help them achieve their goals because we believe in our clients, their business, and their products/services.

Here is some basic things we take into account before working with anybody.

Active & Healthy Business We like to work with businesses that are healthy and are ready to scale their business. If you are in debt and can’t even make ends meet our services aren’t for you. Our campaigns always get results, but they are not instant. Some can take time and if our services just add more financial burden then it is no longer mutually beneficial. We would rather not work with a business on its last leg.
Do you have a good, solid product or service Anybody can create a product. We want to know what you are really offering. If you have a good product, that offers a solution to a real problem, then we definitely want to work with you. If you are trying to create goodwill and bettering your community, then that means we are on your side.
Illegal and Questionable Business We simply do not work with anything that we do not know to be legal. Also we do not work with any type of multilevel marketing schemes or other get rich quick schemes. We do not work with businesses in the adult industry.

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